A note from the author...

While each person has their own definition of peace, one thing remains true for each of us; we all seek peace in our lives. Preparation dispels fear, which is the opposite of peace. Preparing, both sprirtually and temporally, increases our ability for self-reliance and peace. While I have created this site to help aid in understanding and following the counsel of leaders, I recommend each person to do personal research and prayer in knowing the right course for you.
I promise you that as you do pray and try to prepare, even if just a little at a time, you will be blessed and guided!


Home Storage Preparation

Preparing your home can be seperated into 5 categories. It is recommended that you consider each category seperately to prayerfully make goals in each category.

1. Three-Month Supply

Build a small supply of food that is part of your NORMAL, daily diet.

2. Drinking Water

Store drinking water for circumstances in which the water supply may be polluted or disrupted.

3. Financial Reserve

Establish a financial reserve by saving a little money each week and gradually increasing it to a reasonable amount.

4. One-Year Supply

For longer-term needs, and where permitted, gradually complete your one-year supply with food that will last a long time and that you can use to stay alive.

5. 72-Hour Kits

Create a kit that contains all that you need to survive in the event of fast evacuation.

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We have all been witnesses to disasters and events of all kinds that cut off resources of food, water, gas, etc. It is important for each family to be as self-reliant as possible so we can each continue to provide for the ones we love. My personal biggest fear in life is to see my child suffer, especially when I could have prevented it through preparation. Along with our leaders, I encourage everyone to do necessary preparation for the saftey of your family and the peace of your heart and mind.

How and Where do I begin?

Being prepared is a common topic that most everyone will agree is a wise decision. However, the 'how' and 'where' do I begin is the step that not only feels overwhelming, but if not followed through cuts off the process and success of preparation. This is a crucial step and I urge you to not give up! Take each step one at a time and be consistent. I will outline ways to make this process much more simple and less-confusing.

1. Consider each category of preparation seperately and focus on one category at a time. (The best way to get overwhelmed is to look at ALL you need for preparation)

2. First do an inventory and organize your home. Seperate food storage items and write down what you have. Include in your inventory what the item is, how much you have, the expiration date and where it is stored/located in your home. (This is crucial for success in storing enough food. Also this step helps give you exact goals and motivation)

3. Once you have your home organized and food inventoried, take each cateogory of preparation (3 month supply, Drinking water, Financial reserve, 1-year Supply, 72-Hour kits) and do research. Learn all you can about 1 category at a time. Remember, don't overwhelm yourself by doing everything at once! Just pick one category and learn it! You can't make goals or know what you're doing if you haven't done any research on it! (I will continually add info to this site to better help in your research)

4. Make and write goals! Now that you know more about the category (3 month supply, Drinking water, Financial reserve, 1-year Supply, 72-Hour kits) make and write down your overall goals, and all the little goals to help you reach your main goal. Include the what, how, when and where in your goals. Know all your details. I urge you to make this step a matter of prayer!

5. Now, go to the next category, learn as much as you can about it, pray and write down your goals.

6. Be realistic with your goals, remember that even though you are researching each category one at a time, you'll most likely end up tackeling some of the goals at the same time. (i.e. year supply of food requires constant building)

7. DON'T PANICK AND DON'T GET OVERWHELMED! Be wise as you go about your goals and do NOT go to extremes. It is unwise to go into debt to establish a food storage all at once.

8. Once you have all your goals written, all you have to do is stick to them! There's no more being overwhelmed, there's no more being confused (where to I begin). You know exactly what you need and how you're going to get it! Now you just need to do it!

9. I promise you will have much peace of mind and spirit as you go about your goals. These are righteous goals and for righteous purposes. Keep it a matter of prayer, I promise the Lord will guide and bless you!